Creativity in Isolation

Ferrier, Untitled Fail. 2021

This article is a must read, especially now when almost every student or artist is either online or in isolation due to Covid lockdowns.

Sandi Mann a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and author of The Science of Boredom. Mann cites two opposing factors necessary for creativity, stumulus and boredom. Aritists who create best with stimulus may be drawn to electronic devices. This may make it difficult to let the mind wander due to boredom. Mann states “But if you actually let the boredom sit, your mind will wander, you will come up with a little bit more creativity.” People’s response to boredom and isolation, can determine whether they are able to create work in times of solitude.

I found this article very helpful. My belief is that creativity is very much about allowing oneself to do things, giving yourself permission to be bored, to take time to think, to allow failures to lead the way.

HORTON, Anisa Purbasari. 2021. ‘How to Be Creative in Isolation’. [online]. Available at: [accessed 17 Apr 2021].

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