Silo Renovations.

This weekend I visited the silos closest to my home. I was really disturbed to see the fence area wrapped in builders tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is mandatory in any Houston building project. This is usually an indicator that there is a demolition, or building work looming. It made me really angry, these buildings are iconic beacons that can be seen for miles. I made rapid images in a panic, certain that they would be begin the distruction and demolition after the weekend.

Ferrier, New Bushland Perth. Series. 2012

Since the start of my BA in Perth Australia, and continuing in my MFA at Falmouth UK. I have been concerned with local architecture, and how it can dramically change the landscape. Perth, Australia bushland replaced by concrete slab sided buildings to the 50’s era homes, replaced by Mc Mansions, here in my neighbourhood in Houston. Everywhere new builds that block the sunlight during the day, and are illuminated by night in a show of prosperity. The people who build these structures in the shadows of undocumented status, food and healthcare insecurity along with fear of deportation.

Artist rendering Hope City Silos. 2021

After some intense research I discovered that the silos had been bought by an evangelical pastor who wants to create a global mega church, live streaming services world wide. The renovation costs will be in the region of $20 million dollars. Please do watch The Hope City Silos youtube below. Remaining divided on how I feel about this renovation, pleased that they will be saved, but unsure about the cost of purchase and development of the area.

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