Layout Trials

To establish what images are working I find that it helps to trial layouts. Although these images shown within a gallery would have much more space between them. This extra space will make the viewers visual reading a better experience. It is also helpful to print out potential final images, and stick them on a wall for a few weeks. That way you can quickly change the layout and groupings.

“Go out there and shoot everything. Then edit rigorously.” Richard Misrach.

This quote from Richard Misrach emphasizes the importance of the edit.

A simple exercise that shows me quite quickly that the second layout works better. Important to note that these images are not final pieces. They require editing, but at this stage I like to have an idea of what a final series could look like. It is at this time that I will identify any need for further images.

MISRACH, RICHARD. 2020. RICHARD MISRACH: The Photography Workshop Series. Place of publication not identified: APERTURE.

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