Bastrop State Park

Inspired by the work of Noemie Goudals’ constructed buildings. I wanted to experiment with the photographic hand made object in relation to the landscape in Texas. Silos are beacons of hope, they can be seen for miles due to the size of these structures. This is a new way of working, so these ideas are not refined at this point.

I am interested in the silos, but the landscapes in which they sit are also important. The surrounding countryside has had many inhabitants, it has a history of violence and natural disasters. By combining two local areas I can draw attention to these events. The Bastrop state park was devastated in 2011 by the worst wildfires Texas had ever seen. Two people were killed, and the local area was reduced to ash. It will take decades for the area to regenerate.

KIM, Sarah Boris & Anthony. 2021. ‘Noémie Goudal’. Noémie Goudal [online]. Available at: [accessed 18 May 2021].

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