Noémie Goudal

Goudal, Observatories. 2013-2014

Noémie Goudal is a French artist who investigates the possibilities and boundaries of her images. Reconstructing the layers and pushing the potential of those images through landscape installations. There are truths and fictions within her works and these challenge the viewer to inquire further. This work is amazing, so engaging both visually and conceptually. This questioning of the potential of an image is how I like to make work. At first glance this work looks like it could be digitally manipulated, however Goudal constructs, installs on location then photographs in analog. I hand build and work in digital. We both work at trying to engage the audience by using our hands to make visually engaging objects which are then rephotographed.

Ferrier, Bastrop Silo. 2021

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