Ferrier, Silo I. 2021

“Belonging” explores the loss of social biome brought on by constant migration.

Exploring the iconic silos in a meditative, thoughtful manner brings a hands-on approach to this work. The silos and rice dryers have been beacons for migrant workers for decades. These massive concrete and steel structures emanate the promise of hope and belonging. They held grain and rice, but also provided work, shelter and food.

In the flat lands of Texas they can be seen for miles. Located next to the train tracks, migration to and from other parts of the US became within reach to many, resulting in a diverse population in the region.

Paper retains a memory when it is folded and working with this memory, these folds become a tactile version of my own memory of migration. Memory, hope and belonging. Considering the photograph as an object, these visuals are sought, dissected and reimagined leaving the things that I remember most about each building. This, in turn helps me to feel like I belong and can begin to develop a new social biome.

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