Beyond The Surface

Font, Red Hair. 2014 Unique

 “My hands intervene with each work manually, and through this intimate, performatic ritual, the embodiment of the photograph becomes the common ground where the familiar and the foreign meet, as an individual attempt to blur the lines between the internal and external spaces of the body. The construction of these mental maps evokes diverse psychological states and emotions with meanings that are in constant flux, never fixed, just like our identities.” Marina Font.

Ferrier, Wrapped Chicago Brick. 2021 Unique State.

This hands on approach is so important in my work. Marina Font shares the importance of it in her work too. I have always thought of what I do as performative and meditative, a ritual of sorts, a way to engage with my surroundings in a new and unknown space. Emotions and meanings are in flux here, but unlike Font my work has little to do with identity. Fonts quote definitely hits many similar notes when I compare how we work. Unique state is important to me as I currently wrestle with object and photograph of object. Is the object more interesting, more important? Do these objects help inform the folds?

“Beyond the Surface: The Photograph as Object.” LENSCRATCH, 6 Jan. 2020,

“PORTFOLIOS.” Marinafont Studio, Accessed 24 June 2021.

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