The Papers Memory

Ferrier, Workplace. 2021

The silos and rice dryers are metaphors for migrants and their unjust truths.

My silent protest is in making art that is a reflection upon those truths. Paper has a memory, you can work with it, which is very satisfying. However, you have the ability to work against it, to push it’s boundary, to make it do what you want, to fold and bend it to your will. This is when it becomes really engaging, when we hunt the image, dissect, remove, and fold.

These pieces are vastly reduced in size once folded, they can be quite complicated to construct. The hands on meditative approach is important, the folds conceal the difficulties, the hardships the vilification of our fellow humans. My thoughts are of all the things that I want to be revealed, which crack in the silo wall, which doorway, bridge, light or walkway.

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