Supervision Log

My 1-1 today with Wendy was really helpful. I now have a really clear idea of the way forward with this series of silo folds. I aim to work initially on refining my CRoP. Wendy said would really help to inform the work and pave the way for FMP submission. I aim to set up gallery shots and have prepared work for plotter prints to be made. This will help me to visualize a gallery setting. This will also let me see what some different print sizes could bring to this series.

Despite having imposter syndrome, I now feel a bit more confident in my direction.

Date of Supervision Meeting14 July 2021
Start time of Meeting09.30 CST
Length of Meeting in minutes33 mins
Meeting Notes & Action PointsGreat meeting today with Wendy. Current work is in a good place. Things to look at, refining messaging in CRoP, this will help with FMP descriptor. Reshoot images in gallery context for Sawyer Yards. Experiment with different background space within each silo portrait. Look at Sarah Charlesworth and Rafael Dallaporta.
Date of Next Proposed MeetingNext meeting either Wednesday 4th at 3.30 GMT, or Tuesday 10th at 3.30 GMT. TBD depending on work flow.

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