FMP Visual Storytelling

Ferrier, Borderflow I. 2021 Ferrier, Borderflow II. 2021

Experimentation and visual exploration has been at the core of this series on migration. Since the begining of my MA at Falmouth I have been interested in what the photograph could be conceptually. This means that in order to break the boundaries of the photographic medium, I had to give myself the permission to practice without fear of failure. Allowing myself to practice without fear led to liberating and fascinating work.

My aim was to produce conceptual photographic artworks that could be appreciated in person within a gallery space. This would then be able to convey the sensory outcome desired. This made me anxious when preparing my Final Major Project. These constructed objects are thoughtfully made in what can be a time consuming process. Pushing the boundaries in small steps can be really rewarding so my explorations have continued almost seamlessly throughout the MA and overlapping modules. I felt strongly that my experimental approach was the framework underpinning my visual storytelling. This could allow the viewer to better understand my meditative approach to such a sensitive and divisive subject matter.

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