Source Graduate Review.

Thrilled to be selected by Emma Jones at Tate for Source Graduate Review. So exciting to be in this publication alongside such wonderful artists in my cohort, Falmouth University, Universities across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Selector’s Comment: It was the complex construction of these images, the cuttings, twistings and foldings, that really drew me in. The physicality of both photograph and object are well paired here. The black background is a clever aesthetic choice, meaning that these impossible buildings float in space and become almost three dimensional. Learning that these works explore the complexities of migration casts them in a new light – there is certainly something fragile to be found in the creases of these architectural forms, a hidden story that is waiting to be told.

2 thoughts on “Source Graduate Review.

  1. Great stuff! I wonder who is to write this this ‘hidden story waiting to be told’ ? Will your work become, or has it become, incorporated in a catalogue or publication which we can purchase?

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    1. Yes it will be featured alongside other selected artists in Source Graduate Review magazine (no.106 I think) and online exhibition. You can see the online selections here. I believe that you can get a copy from Source magazine itself but it may be a subscription kind of deal. The link at the top is includes all entries. The one at the bottom cuts to the chase. [] Source: Graduate Photography Online – 2021 MA/MFA Index Source: Graduate Photography Online – 2021 MA/MFA Index. Welcome to the MA/MFA Phase of Graduate Photography Online 2021. Source Magazine’s showcase for emerging photographic talent from photography courses across the UK and Ireland. Source: Graduate Photography Online – 2021 – Category Index – Urban/Suburban Landscape GRADUATE PHOTOGRAPHY ONLINE 2021. Urban/Suburban Landscape. Pages: 1 Work in this Category: De Ferrier



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