Klompching gallery NYC.

Metal Arch. Ferrier, 2022.

Delighted to have the opportunity to submit work from my Borderlands: A metaphorical representation of migrants in Texas series to Klompching gallery in New York.

These images explore the themes of place, belonging, migration and memory. It occurred to me while reflecting on my practice that the words related to my methodology mimicked the vilification of migrants; hunting, shooting, dissecting, concealing, disrupting and distorting. A mediative hands on approach led to transformed, folded and constructed imagery. The folded images became metaphors for the treatment migrants and concealed within the folds lie the unjust truths.

Silo Portraits

This body of work is informed by my own experience of constant migration. My practice is grounded in the photographic images of my current ‘home’ where the iconic silos and rice dryers of Texas dominate the landscape. These silos are metaphors for migrants. The actions of hunting, dissecting, cutting, folding and concealing, these images mimic the migrants vilification, what is hidden between the folds are the unjust truths. Utilizing a hands on meditative approach leads to a transformation of folded and constructed imagery. My interest is in the materiality and physicality of the photograph, which becomes an object in itself.

The aim is to invite the viewer in while gently touching upon very sensitive issues relating to all migrants.

Ferrier, Silo I-VIII. 2021

Paul Jackson

This is a wonderful talk by Paul Jackson. Jackson is an origami artist, he lectures in so many subjects which are related to origami, he has also written about forty books on origami and design. We are surrounded by folding in everyday life, here he talks about all matters related to the simple fold. So inspiring.

‘“The Art and Science of Folding” – Origami Artist Paul Jackson 25.2.2019 – YouTube’. 2020. [online]. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TA9MjkUxpY [accessed 16 Dec 2020].