The Global Image.

The Global Image PHO 701 week 1.

This week started with a task called a view from my window. This was an image that was going to be our introduction to our cohort, the German bight. I also attended Unseen Amsterdam for a face to face meeting, portfolio review and gallery visits.

When I returned to Houston, my home base, I better understood the storm that I had missed in my absence. Tropical storm Imelda had dropped 20-42in of rain over two days. My family had been struggling getting around, and the water which contains all manner of things toxic, also had copperhead snakes in it. The roads were not navigable, many houses were flooded out in local areas, and this low lying mega city (almost 4m people) ground to a halt. This flooding is now an annual event in these parts with hundred year storms happening every year. As flooding continues to be a problem globally I do feel that these images are becoming universally relatable images as they can be instantaneously relayed around the globe.

My challenges this week have been creating a CRJ and trying to navigate canvas, I am not a tech whizz by any manner of the imagination, so this has definitely been a challenge for me.

My surprises; visiting Unseen, Marleen Sleeuwits’ Interior No 54, and having my porfolio review whilst in Amsterdam. Visiting Houston Center for Photography for Daniel Gordons exhibition, Hue and Saturate really galvanized my ideas.