Singles club

This little club is inspired by Todd Hido. Hido sometimes finds that he has a random shot, one that he cannot really tie to any current series visually or conceptually. He sticks them on his wall hoping to find them some friends in the future.

There may be tenuous links between these shots, however they do not fit with any series at the moment. They are in the singles club, for now anyway.

This first shot was taken last year, these festivals are annual events. I want to leave this here as a reminder.

De Ferrier, Warriors. 2019
De Ferrier, Waiting for snow. 2020
De Ferrier, Unique state print. 2020
De Ferrier, Just today. 2020
De Ferrier, Road markings. 2020

This is also a 2019 shot below, here too as a reminder to revisit this area of Texas.

De Ferrier, La Grange. 2019
De Ferrier, Downtown Brenham. 2019
De Ferrier, Gas Station Longpoint. 2020