Further questions of authenticity.

Its an interesting question, that photographs may require unique methods of interpretation and evaluation. I agree with that to a certain extent, especially when analyzing technical aspects, and choices that have been made to produce work. That said traditional art, as in painting,  or printmaking will be viewed in the same way including the analyzing of signs and symbols within an image, and how skillfully the support has been prepared for application of chosen media. Cameras  were used by painters such as Vermeer to aid in rendering perspective and detail, this was described by Giovanns Battista della Portages in his book Magica Naturalis as stated in Photography , Vision and Representation, Synder and Allen. Niepce, Daguerre and Talbot were addressing the cameras ‘problems’ some 200 years later.

This module I have decided on interdisaplinary approaches, and for this I need my images to be a physical reality, so for now the ‘peculiar’  nature of photography, the film grain, lens distortion will not be evident.  

This image below is from a recent shoot in Katy, Houston. My intent is to show the migrant art work in the rendering of a building in the area before it is erased by stucco and paint. The concrete slabs I think make a clear reference to current political  tensions. 

De Ferrier, Migrant wall.2020

SNYDER, Joel and Neil Walsh ALLEN. 1975. ‘Photography, Vision, and Representation’. Critical Inquiry 2(1), 143–69.

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