Sawyer Yards Solo 2022.

A rewarding experience to work towards my solo show ‘Borderlands’ at the silos here in Houston. Open from February 12 to April 30 in gallery 100. Absolutely perfect venue to view ‘Borderlands’ a metaphorical representation of migrants in Texas.

Ferrier, Spin I & II, 2022. Manipulated photograph on silk georgette.
Ferrier, Placement 2022. Acrylic photographic tiles on birch panel.

Source Graduate Review.

Thrilled to be selected by Emma Jones at Tate for Source Graduate Review. So exciting to be in this publication alongside such wonderful artists in my cohort, Falmouth University, Universities across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Selector’s Comment: It was the complex construction of these images, the cuttings, twistings and foldings, that really drew me in. The physicality of both photograph and object are well paired here. The black background is a clever aesthetic choice, meaning that these impossible buildings float in space and become almost three dimensional. Learning that these works explore the complexities of migration casts them in a new light – there is certainly something fragile to be found in the creases of these architectural forms, a hidden story that is waiting to be told.

No quedó mas nada

Nothing else was left.

Sheriff Oscar Carillo is tasked with finding the bodies of migrants who perished trying to reach the US. This desert area is unforgiving. Many migrants desperate to find a safe home lose their lives attempting this journey. Carillos task is to find them, often there isn’t much left.

‘A Texas Sheriff’s Grim Task: Finding Bodies as Migrant Deaths Surge’. 2021. [online]. Available at: [accessed 24 Aug 2021].

Fabric Print and Gallery 100

Scale has always been interesting to me, especially regarding this series. The silos are massive structures, my aim was to try and make an artwork that would represent their dominance within the Texas landscape. This fabric print was ordered at the beginning of the month, however it may not be available until after FMP submission. It was ordered in a lightweight linen as I felt that this would be the closest fabric to rice or grain bags.

I am quite excited about this large scale fabric print. It will be an excellent piece for my solo show at Sawyer Yards-Gallery 100 next year. The space at Sawyer is fantastic. I am well aware of the amount of work up that needs to be done ahead of my exhibition in February. I have received the site plan from Grace Zuniga, Sawyer Yards creative director and will work on layout plans in the next few weeks. This way I will be able to identify areas that need work ahead of time. Thrilled that I will have space for my 60ft handprinted unique state print of migrant journeys.

Gallery 100 at Sawyer Yards site plan. Courtesy Grace Zuniga.

Just Words?

Ferrier, Double Faced. 2021

Words used in relation to photography and making art. Hunting, shooting, dissecting, disrupting, cutting, folding, removing, hiding, concealing, manipulating. All these words relate to how I make work. Some of these words can and have been used when reporting the treatment of migrants.

Association of Photographers

Ferrier, Silo I. 2021

Delighted to have been shortlisted for AOP Places. A really wonderful selection of work was submitted, it was an honour to be included alongside such amazing talent. Grateful to have the opportunity to be included in the online awards ceremony.

Solo at Sawyer Yards

Sawyer Yards is the venue for the next two shows of annual Houston Fotofest. Covid has reduced the art spaces available for the next few years.

Last week I met with Grace Zuniga who is the creative director for Sawyer Yards. I am thrilled to have locked in this fabulous space, Gallery 100 at Sawyer Yards for my MA exhibition. My solo show will be installed at these repurposed silos during the month of February 2022.

This photograph shows current work Oritatami Nendo : Folding Clay by the wonderful Jodi Walsh.

You can see this wonderful venue at the link below. Sawyer Yards shows the annual Houston Fotofest

‘Sawyer Yards | Houston’. 2021. [online]. Available at: [accessed 15 Aug 2021].

Double-Faced and IVLA

The International Visual Language Association.

Dr. Gary McLeod reached out about an online exhibition with IVLA. He suggested that this years exhibition, Seeing Across Disciplines might be a good platform for showing my work. The closing date was 9th August I just managed to submit a short video and two folded images. You can watch the short film below.

Colin Pantall suggested that PHMuseum could be a good outlet for my series and that he would be happy to support me with my submission.

I am grateful to have such a supportive, diverse range of tutors.

Ferrier, Double-Faced. 2021