Week 1 reflection

In the forum this week we were asked to share our Ed Ruscha project. This was such a fun and engaging activity that I actually ended up making an accordion book and another book layout in indesign. I have always enjoyed Ruschas work so this was a really enjoyable excercise for me.

First of all I had an idea to make an accordion book, but I wanted to use images that I have already taken in rural Texas a few weeks prior. I wanted to check that using older images was alright, so I asked permission first, I wrote a mini proposal to outline my intent, which I am glad to say was successful. I really felt that during this pandemic much has been said about major cities, but the rural areas were being largely overlooked. I felt that it was important to address this in some way.


De Ferrier, Rural Texas Shop Closures. 2020


De Ferrier, Rural Texas Shop Closures. 2020

This little book inspired me to set about documenting the little changes happening as Houston city started to relax it’s Covid 19 lockdown restrictions. Taco buses are dotted all round the city, they are even shown on google maps, so that you know where to find your favorite bite to eat whilst on the go. They are mini, but thriving businesses and all but disappeared during lockdown. It was a ray of light to have them back.

Here is the link to El Ultimo Taco.


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