WX in Houston

Today I was able to shop, however the shelves were all but empty and the store was in complete darkness. Glad to have had my keychain with me which has a small flash light on it.

Weather in Texas has caused major disruption to daily life this past week. Deadly snow storms have resulted in at least 37 fatalities. Homes are without power, water, heat, many homes also have burst pipes. Food supplies are very low, water supplies are non existent. This has been a trying time, at best, for our statewide neighbours. The storms and treacherous conditions are set to continue through the weekend.

Having power dropping in and out has not made producing work easy. I wanted to post this during a power ‘window’ so that it can be updated later.

‘Liberals Who Made Fun of Texas Need to Understand That Your Political Party Shouldn’t Be a Death Sentence’. 2021. [online]. Available at: https://news.yahoo.com/liberals-made-fun-texas-understand-140400330.html [accessed 10 Mar 2021].

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