HCP Collage workshop

Today I joined a introductory class on collage with Amy Webeck. Collage has been a part of my way of working for some time now. It was really nice to have a refresh with Amy though. It was inspiring and made me feel like I would like to try my version of a Hockney joiner. This was held online by Houston Center for Photography. The classes run throughout the year, so hopefully I can join those after FMP hand in. I feel it will be important to have some classes to join in the summer.

‘David Hockney A Chair Jardin Du Luxembourg 1985jpg | Creative Crusade’. n.d. [online]. Available at: http://creativecrusade.com/tasks/david-hockney-in-time-and-space/david-hockney-a-chair-jardin-du-luxembourg-1985jpg/ [accessed 26 Apr 2021].

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