Luis Carlos Tovar

“The pain of others is always abstract and indistinct. Our perception of it is extremely elusive. We can imagine it but never fully understand it, never truly inhabit it. This impossibility is symbolized in two ways: my father adamantly refuses to show me the photograph and my work on it begins without ever having seen it.”

Luis Carlos Tovar on his father’s pain when he was captured by the FARC in Colombia.

One of my tutors introduced me to Luis Carlos Tovar, who has turned out to be a perfect artist to research. Tovar has a in-situ approach, alterating the gallery space in order to charge it with new meaning. Tovar is a mixed media artist who uses the existed, constructed and imagined with the intention of folding across time, space, dreams, and memories.

I find this work really inspiring. The gallery drawings remind me of my own visual diary and the mixed media work is engaging especially when installed on this scraped back wall.

‘Across’. n.d. Luis Carlos Tovar [online]. Available at: [accessed 7 Nov 2020].

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